Carpet Steam Cleaning Richmond

At Clean Expert we knew that every carpet and its cleaning situation are different. For this reason, we offer a number of cleaning services for verity of carpets and conditions. Carpet steam cleaning Richmond is one of the best services we offer to our customers. With the help of steam, cleaning you can have an in-depth cleaning of your carpet, brining no harm to its softness, long life of color.

We begin carpet cleaning with a thorough analysis of your carpet and note down the high-traffic as well as heavily soiled areas.  Only after a complete analysis of your carpet, our experts use the most effective and efficient hot-water extraction method that helps to remove the dirt stick to your carpet in depth. By this technique all the debris will also be removed that can generally not be seen with the naked eye.

With our powerful steam carpet cleaning and truck-mounted vacuum system, we are able to extract more than 98% moisture from your carpet. If you find your carpet a bit damp after the process is completed, nothing to worry about, it will be just fine within hours. However, the drying time can be accelerated by using fans and air conditioners. Stay satisfied, with clean expert cleaning services you will also say goodbye to allergens, microscopic pollutants, dust mites and the entire bad odor in your carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Richmond
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