5 most common Window Cleaning mistakes

There are two types of people. One that enjoys window cleaning and others that prefer to hire professionals for window cleaning. This is not everyone’s favourite chore but if we want to enjoy the beautiful sun and stay healthy we need to do it. With this article, we can help you to avoid the most common window cleaning mistakes and make your window cleaning more fun and easy. If you know how to clean your windows properly you will reduce the time of cleaning and your energy.

Overestimating or underestimating the advice in all these “how to clean windows” guides is important in order to clean your windows well.

Here is our list of the top 5 most common cleaning mistakes.

Forget to dust beforehand

If you want to have a clean window you should always clean dust first. Dust is bad for your health and also it makes it harder to clean your windows if you don’t clean it beforehand. We advise you to dust often and reduce the amount of dust before your accrual window cleaning. If you don’t have time and are too busy with work, consider hiring a professional who can assist with these tasks on a regular basis.

You chose the wrong cleaning spray 

Choosing the right cleaning spray for your window is an important step. The purpose of a window cleaning spray is to remove dirt and grime from glass. It should not leave streaks or bubbles. Some cleaners that are too harsh can cause streaks and other issues with your windows.

Usually households have different cleaning supplies but not all of them work well on windows. When window cleaning you need specially a cleaner for glass that will make it clear with streak free results.

Cheap materials 

Like in other cases using poor quality products and materials will only result in poor results. You can’t expect your cleaning solution to clean both dirt, dust and make your windows shine.

We advise you to buy microfiber cloth when cleaning your windows regularly, because they will save you a lot of time and money when dusting your windows. If you use a cheap cleaning spray it can cause your windows to become streaky and cloudy. And a poor quality spray will leave a residue and prove that you get what you pay for when it comes to cleaning products.

Microfiber cloth will save you a lot of time and money when dusting your windows.

If you use a cheap cleaning spray it can cause your windows to become streaky and cloudy.

Focusing on too Large an Area at Once

Over focusing is a common mistake when you are cleaning windows. Focus on one spot at a time and you will see what’s happening and if needed will make changes to the cleaning process.

Sometimes we get distracted by a more urgent task and forget what we are doing. Then you will find yourself recleaning the entire window.

Another reason is drying. If you spray an area that is too large, the water will begin to dry before you’ve had a chance to wipe it, especially in temperate climates.

Too much spray

Most people get carried away when cleaning their windows with spray. This is not good because it can dry out your windows causing streaks. It also makes it harder for you to see what you’re doing. Using the right amount of product will help prevent any over-spray, which creates streaky windows.

Make sure that your windows are as clean as possible. But be careful not to push things too far. This will only result in an ineffective cleaning session. You will end up with windows looking worse than before you cleaned them.