Best Cleaning Tips to Get Ready for Fall

 Although most of us still haven’t fully accepted the fact that summer is over, fall is the perfect time to start preparing our homes for the cold months of the year. As the days get shorter and we start spending more time inside, rather than out, now is the perfect time to invest a couple of days in fall cleaning.

If you normally follow a checklist for spring cleaning, you’ll have an easier time as you’ll repeat many of the same tasks. To make things even easier, we’ve compiled a list for you to follow to make sure your house is clean and ready for winter!

Clean out your gutters

Everyone loves the beautiful autumn leaves, however they can cause big issues if you’re not careful. Apart from looking messy, gutters filled with leaves can create moisture which can result in rot and potentially roof leaks. 

Although it might not be a task you’re looking forward to, cleaning your gutters is something every homeowner has to do eventually. The best approach is to plan a couple of days in the next few months when you’ll have to get up there and thoroughly clean out all of the gathered leaves and sticks. 

Deep house cleaning

If you’ve taken it easy during the summer, as most of us do, the beginning of fall is the perfect time to conduct a proper deep house cleaning. Cleaning your entire home can take up quite some time, so we recommend creating a cleaning schedule for the whole family to follow. 

Living room

When it comes to your living room, it’s best to start off by carefully dusting all of the surfaces. After that, thoroughly vacuum the floors and your upholstered furniture, while making sure to lift the cushions and everything else that might be in the way. Depending on whether you have one, but the beginning of fall is also the perfect time to perform a deep carpet cleanse. 

How to clean your living room



Bring the vacuum over to your bedroom as well and make sure you cover everything, including the area under your bed. While you’re at it, you might as well vacuum and flip your mattress as well. 


As the weather outside gets colder, we’re more likely to stay home and cook rather than go out to restaurants. In order to prepare your kitchen you should start off by emptying and cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator. Throw out anything which has passed its expiration date and make a list of any essentials you need to restock on. Give your oven and microwave a good scrub and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget the exterior

With summer ending, the time has come to retire your patio furniture and take care of the exterior of your home before winter comes along. Apart from cleaning the leaves in the gutter, you should also rake the ones in your patio as well. 

You can use this opportunity to clean the outside of your windows as well. Make sure to do this after you’ve cleaned the gutters as debris and dirt might fall down onto your windows. Even though it might seem like a hassle, taking care of your windows now is much easier than cleaning them when the long winter days arrive. 

Take care of your car’s interior

Summer’s are usually filled with adventures and trips that can create memories for a lifetime, but they can also be quite messy. Instead of spending your whole winter locked in a car filled with sand, beach balls and ice cream wrappers, why not take a few hours out of your day to clean it and stock up on some essentials?

Start out by getting rid of any unnecessary clutter left over from summer. Throw out any garbage, bottles, wrappers etc. After you’re done with that it’s time to bring out the vacuum. Remember to take out the floor mats before starting in order to make sure you gather all of the dust, crumbs and sand. When it comes to car upholstery cleaning you can either do it yourself or call in professionals.

Last but not least, look through the trunk of your car. Take out anything unnecessary and make sure you’re stocked on items you might need in the upcoming months like an ice scraper and an umbrella. 


Although most people tend to focus their attention on spring cleaning, fall cleaning is just as important! Make the transition from summer to winter as smooth as possible by following our simple cleaning guide. If you’re looking for professional help, then head on over to CleanExpert and book a quote today.