Best Winter Car Cleaning Tips

As cold weather, rain, ice and snow start becoming a regular occurrence, car owners have to start preparing for the winter season as maintaining their vehicles in top condition becomes harder. Apart from worrying about maintenance, road conditions and regular car checks, drivers also have to try and keep on top of their car’s cleanliness.

Sand, dirt and salt will work their way into every little crevasse of your car and if left unattended can cause corrosion and rust to start forming. Furthermore, ice, dirt and snow can block your vehicle’s sensors which can cause problems on the road. This is why we’ve prepared five tips to help you keep your car in the best possible shape during the winter season.

Start preparing beforehand

One of the best ways to ensure you’ll be ready for the cold months of the year is to start preparing before it’s too late. Obviously you can take care of your car after the temperatures drop, but if you plan ahead of time you’ll have a much easier time.

As the temperature starts to lower, give your vehicle a good wash and apply a layer of car wax all over the exterior. This will give your paintwork an extra layer of protection when it comes face to face with the grime, snow and ice that come along with winter.

Although applying wax used to be a hassle in the past, most modern waxes are much easier to use and some even come in spray on bottles. You can apply it directly onto your paint and then just wash it off. It’s quick, easy and gives your car a much better chance at surviving winter unscathed.

Wash your car carefully and regularly

When winter rolls in and the temperatures drop it’s important to remember to regularly clean your car. Although it might be a hassle, depending on the climate, we’d recommend washing your car once every week or two. Get a hose and start by cleaning the body of your car. Hose out the undercarriage and fender wells in order to remove any dirt and grime. After you’re done, make sure to check that your car’s sensors aren’t blocked by anything.

Another important thing to remember during the winter months is to check your tire pressure. Underinflated tires can cause a lot of problems and might make it difficult for you to control your car on the slippery icy roads.

Check your car for signs of rust

Rust is a car owner’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, wintertime is usually one of the most prominent periods in which you might notice signs of rust forming on your vehicle. This is why it’s important to check your car for signs fairly regularly. Damage caused by rust can weaken your car’s frame and ruin the body. Start by inspecting the wheel wells and bumpers as that’s where rust usually appears first. If you notice anything, make sure to carefully clean the affected area. Another area you need to be on the lookout for is your undercarriage. Mud, salt and grime can be picked up and stuck there while driving. Last but not least, occasionally make sure to check under your hood and your doors for any signs of rust.

Quickly clean any affected areas and make sure to get rid of any water. If left unattended the water can not only ruin your paint job, but also start causing rust.


When we get into our cars we tend to bring in a lot of dirt, grime and snow from the outside. If you have rubber car mats you’ll have a much easier time cleaning the interior of your car.

Cover your car or keep it inside

One of the best ways to save yourself the trouble of constantly cleaning your car during winter is to park it inside or find a suitable cover for it. This not only will help keep it clean, but will also protect it, for the most part, from the unforgiving winter weather.

Don’t forget to clean your interior

After you go through all the trouble of cleaning the outside of your car, you can’t forget about your interior. All of the rain and snow will inevitably cause moisture to build up on the inside. This can result in condensation and fogging to the inside of your windows, as well as stains and mould appearing if left unattended. This is why keeping your interior dry is incredibly important.

If you don’t have enough time to handle both the outside and the inside of your car, maybe it’s time to ask for professional help. Our car upholstery cleaning experts will make the interior of your car look brand new in no time