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Rugs play a vital role in shaping your rooms. They are wonderful additions to you interior. Rugs provide a focal point to your room, cover or worn or a hidden piece of carpet. They are influential in maintenance and enhancing the look of your board floor, tiled floor and make your location more friendly and warm. There are a number of rugs that are so valuable and rare that they are hung on walls and with no doubt play a major role in enhancing the beauty of your surroundings. Whatever the reason is, rugs are a functional part of any location. Being a functional household item, they also need a massive amount of care and concerns on a serious note. Take care of them, it is highly suggested to use professional assistance and help rather that making your own choices and damaging these precious.

For professional rug cleaning in London, Clean Expert is the right choice. We are a team of skilled cleaning technicians with many years of experience in the valuable rugs maintenance. All the professionals who work for us are fully insured and vetted so you can trust them with caring for your precious rugs. They have great knowledge on how to take care of different rug material in order to lengthen their life and bring back the cozy atmosphere of your home.

Rug Cleaning Techniques by Clean Expert

Clean Expert offers several rug cleaning methods regarding the rug type and age. The most preferred rug cleaning technique is the steam cleaning. It is an advanced technology which is able to provide the deepest clean up, removing all the accumulated dirt, dust and stains. But you need to be very careful when booking this service, as it is most suitable for these rug fabrics that are more resistant and waterproof. The reason is that steam rug cleaning uses high temperature water with high pressure in a combination with cleaning detergents. Before booking your steam cleaning by Clean Expert, you need first to request a preinspection by our experts. Depending on your rug’s type, size and age they will offer you the most suitable cleaning method for your individual needs.

For Rug Steam Cleaning in London, Clean Expert is the most trusted name among many. We offer professional services with the help of latest techniques to deal with variety of rugs at your location. Rug steam cleaning London always demands for professional care to maintain rug color and condition for a longer time period and this is the reason why we prefer to adopt the most trusted material for any particular type of rug. A proper and regular rug cleaning helps your rugs look more charming and feel great and healthy with no rug cleaning london dirt and dust mites in them. Before Clean Experts clean your rug, a pre-examination is done to make sure the processing applied on it. With the help of latest manufactured steam carpet cleaners, we deal with your variety of material. In addition to this advanced cleaning technology, we can also offer you a extra solution to keep your rugs dirt- and stain-free for longer. This is the professional scotchgard protection.

For your most precious rugs, Clean Expert can also offer you a second option. This is the dry cleaning method which is most suitable for the gentler rug materials. Rugs that can degenerate in water are not a subject of the deep steam cleaning technique. In order to prevent any damage to your rugs, our cleaning specialists will suggest you to use our dry cleaning technology. It is quick and efficient cleaning method that uses special cleaning powder to get in a reaction with all the dirt build-ups in the deepest layers of your rug. After that a single vacuum cleaning is required to complete the procedure. The dry cleaning is an extremely effective method also when it comes to pet stains and odor cleaning. In case you are not sure what exactly is your rug type, consult with our rug cleaners. They will help you to define the proper service for you.


Benefits of Clean Expert for Maintaining Your Rugs

As a cleaning company operating in London for more than eight years, we are well-known throughout many Londoners. We pride ourselves with a long list of happy and satisfied customers, who book our services on a regular basis, including also the other services we offer, such as upholstery and mattress cleaning. How is this possible? Thanks to our complete professionalism, we managed to provide absolute excellence in any cleaning task we are arranged for.

Once you give your rug to The Clean Experts, you are guaranteed to:

  • Professional treatment with the most advanced equipment and cleaning detergents;
  • Odor emanating from valuable rugs with no damaged caused on the rug fibers;
  • Best plan will be selected to clean your rug depending on its type, shape and size

No matter what kind of area or Oriental rug you own, we assure you that the professionals at Clean Experts will take the best care of your rug while treating it for any unnecessary material in it and return it to you in new and fresh condition.

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You can call for a free quotation and booking at any time! We are available on 074 6722 2537 or 020 3713 7718 to answer any of your questions and help you make the right choice when it comes to the most suitable rug cleaning technique. Our rug cleaners in London are also available on your friendly booking form. You just need to send us basic information about you and the kind of service you desire. The next step is a member of our team to get in touch with you and make the appointment for you.



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fleur clackson
fleur clackson
10:33 18 Sep 19
I’ve used this firm about 5 times in locations in north and south london. They are extremely efficient and effective.... They never fail to respond and book in promptly. Without any fuss they arrive and do a great job. And the price is reasonable too. It’s so great to find such good service I thought I’d better more
Sarah Drake
Sarah Drake
14:19 21 Jun 19
Kosta came to my house and he did an incredible job, first with the cleaning of my armchair, the chair is very old ao... it was very dirty, he did a very good job.And he did a scotchgard protection on my sofas, so far I'm very happy with his work and with the care, he is very polite a gentleman. Since the first contact with clean expert by email until the job done, I'm so far very more
Kinga Slaby
Kinga Slaby
17:40 04 Jun 19
Great service, would recommend!
Vanq Mavrodieva
Vanq Mavrodieva
06:21 23 May 19
I had a really big pleasure to work whit Clean Expert.Costas come on time and he is very polite and professional. I... book Clean Expert for my boss house and she have two little grumpy dogs and Costas did a really great job.I highly recommend.Thank you so much George and more
dipesh jethwa
dipesh jethwa
15:28 18 Mar 19
George and the team are excellent. I would highly recommend them.
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