In the battle with carpet stains at home

In the battle with carpet stains at home

carpet stains

No matter how careful we are, stains on the carpet still happen. We spill coffee hurrying in the morning, we mess up while cooking dinner, children knock down food on the floor. The options and situations are many and unpleasant, sticky and annoying stains. What if we have carpet on the floor to adore and it gets “decorated” with stains. The decision is one – you will have to wash the floor mat. But what products to use and how much will they cost?

Help comes from the team of CleanExpert. It is indispensable not only in carpet cleaning, but with something else – with valuable advice. It turns out that we can get rid of stains by applying the tools and methods that are not even suspected. Here they are:

Grease stains are one of the most stubborn, horror of every housewife. Often in desperation people decide on changing the entire carpet with new. Well, you no longer need to make such sacrifices. Of course, you will need to get a bit wet, without washing it you will not achieve results, but in contrast, it is not necessary to have special products. You need only some products from the kitchen.


Take lemon. Its juice is a great friend when it comes to oily stains. Rub into the affected area, leave the acid to stand for a short time (one hour maximum) and then wash it off.

cleaning with lemon

Cleaning with lemon

Passing to vegetables. And in particular potato and white beans. Yeah, sure you are very surprised, but if you try, you will be sad that you haven’t tried it before – it really works. And how exactly – easy. The effect of the potato can be used as you slice it in half and put down the inside part on oily areas. After standing overnight wash the carpet, add little vinegar when washing it to make sure there won’t be left a trail of stains.

The same result you can achieve with white beans, but it is for patient people, as the method takes more time. First cook the beans. Then filter the water and spray onto the stains and wash it off. The benefit is that you won’t have to scrub but just wash off the bean brew.

While we’re still in the kitchen, why not try it with mustard? Yes, seriously! The yellowish sauce can work miracles with woollen carpet. For this purpose dissolve one cup of dry mustard in lukewarm water. When the mixture is prepared, strain it and add more water (about 10 litres). Soak the carpet in the liquid for 2-3 hours before washing it off. There is one important detail to this method – when rinsing add 1 teaspoon of ammonia soda.

Coffee Stain Cleaning

Coffee Stain Cleaning

Coffee stains usually happen very quickly, within seconds, but are much slower and difficult to remove. An important prerequisite in dealing with this problem is the instant action. We can’t leave the stain to soak the fabric. The faster you react, the better will be the final result.

Instinctively, when you spill something you reach for a towel or similar thing that would absorb the liquid. And you’re almost on the right track – it is necessary to use wet wipes. Usually anyone has some at home. They are universal and are equally capable of cleaning various stains from carpets as from other surfaces. And it is not strange why – wet wipes have incorporated cleaning agents and thanks to them the morning drink will be “sucked out” of the fabric of the carpet before it is able to penetrate deeper and to settle.

Did you notice how we give advice above for withdrawal of oily stains with mustard, which at first glance looks like an absurd method? In the case of coffee stain we should approach the problem in a similar way – it will clear up with another liquid – beer. Pour some beer on a rag and rub in a circular motion the stains on the carpet. Once the alcohol has been working for 10-15 minutes, wipe with a clean wet cloth.

All described here methods look amazing at first glance. Normally you initially be sceptical. Note that once the carpet gets stained you have nothing to lose – it can’t become worse. So boldly try, try and you will see that it is worth it.

Still, if you are too suspicious, if you think it’s risky, even if you don’t want to deal with the mentioned activities and you already have a lasting stain, then contact us. You can always contact the CleanExpert and we will clean up your carpet to shine for you.

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