Green Spring Cleaning- How to make it work?

It’s time for spring cleaning! We have put together helpful tips that are not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet so that there is a flash of lightning in every room. 

We all love spring, but it also has its downsides. Because every year the spring sun mercilessly reveals that it is high time for spring cleaning. The good news: if you tackle the dirt systematically and with the right tools, you will reach your goal faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably. And enjoy the new lightness in an apartment that has been freed from unnecessary ballast and now shines with the sun in terms of cleanliness. We’ll reveal here how even those who don’t like cleaning can do it!

Here are the topics we will cover today: 

Why is spring cleaning a tradition?

When is the best time to do spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning – the perfect plan

Which cleaning products and tools do I need?

The checklist: How to schedule your time well

Major cleaning in spring: everything will be clean!

In which order should I clean?

Conclusion: spring cleaning made easy.

Eco-friendly spring cleaning

Why is spring cleaning a tradition?

During this time of year, our grandparents used to heat their homes with coal and the windows were leaky because there was hardly any ventilation, especially in winter. One can imagine that quite a bit of sooty deposits accumulated during the cold season. The dirt could only be cleaned away when it got warmer outside – that is the tale and the beginning of spring cleaning.

Apart from having to clean murky apartments after the winter, spring has always been considered the time for a new beginning. Just take a look at nature outside: buds and leaves sprout, everything is brighter, sunnier like it has new life. It is only natural that we too should get ready for a cleansing restart. It is not a coincidence that fasting is so popular at this time of the year.

When is the best time to do spring cleaning?

While there is no specific date for spring cleaning, most do it around Easter. During the holidays you have up to two weeks off with a few free days to yourself. A good opportunity is to use a rainy day or two for a thorough cleaning. Here is one piece of advice when you begin with your spring cleaning, do it before the holidays because then there will be enough family drama, guests, and work for you to do in the kitchen. So don’t burden yourself with cleaning during the Easter holidays as well. 

Those who swear by the lunar calendar also use the phases of the waning moon for cleaning. And since cleaning is probably not at the top of the list of favorite leisure activities in the most beautiful spring weather, the majority opt for a warmer but rather gray day to start with spring cleaning.

the best way and time to do spring cleaning

Spring cleaning – the perfect plan

The master plan for spring cleaning has one motto “Now or never!”. Let’s face it we all put it off but now it’s time to put the gloves on and start.  It is better to think carefully beforehand about what should be taken care of in the apartment and when. The more detailed the planning, the more success stories you can celebrate later. It is also advisable to be more generous in estimating the time required. It is better to plan in more than one day otherwise you might give up in frustration because not everything can be executed in one day. 

There are different approaches to the annual clean-up. Some work their way from room to room, others proceed according to activities: For example, the carpets and area rugs are first, then upholstery pillowcases are being washed, all the windows cleaned, and finally, the entire apartment is vacuumed.

Depending on home arrangements, different approaches seem sensible. Think about the order in which you should do the spring cleaning so that in the end you don’t end up having to do any more work. Organize all of your tools at the center of the room you are cleaning, this way you don’t have to run around your home trying to get more products or sponges. If you make a list at the beginning, you will keep track of things during the cleaning process. Gradually cross items off the to-do list. This will help you keep up the good work instead of giving up in the middle of the spring cleaning process.

Which cleaning products and tools do I need?

In order to not be unexpectedly slowed down in your own motivation because the cleaning detergent is empty or there are no cleaning rags, the necessary utensils should be obtained beforehand. Most cleaning products that you need can be easily bought from your nearest drugstore, supermarket, or just online from Amazon. With just a few cleaning and household products, the dirt in the entire apartment can be removed inexpensively and in an environmentally friendly manner.

For window cleaning:

1, Dish soap 

2. Splash of spirit

For cleaning smooth surfaces:

1.Organic all-purpose cleaner * or curd soap

2. To remove limescale deposits: white wine vinegar or diluted vinegar essence and citric acid

For the oven:

1. Baking soda

2. White Wine Vinegar

*Mix the baking soda with just a little bit of water. You have to get a nice thick consistency. Scrub the paste all over your oven and leave it for at least an hour. Then spray white wine vinegar on top and wash with a clean cloth. 

For upholstery and carpet

1. Use Go Green Cleaner or try out DIY upholstery cleaning recipes. If you need help with a more stubborn stain you should consider contacting professional carpet cleaners

All you need is a vacuum cleaner, bucket, cleaning rag, duster, and rubber gloves – and you’re ready to go.

The spring cleaning checklist

While the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines serve to maintain basic order and the minimum of cleanliness, spring cleaning is about the nitty-gritty. Corners that are skilfully ignored during regular apartment cleaning are now also on the line, such as wardrobes, storage rooms, and other blind spots. To ensure that none of these unloved, dusty places are forgotten, it helps to make a list beforehand.

Here is what you need to do to complete the spring checklist:

1. Clear out cupboards, wipe them out, and put them back in order

2. Take off the curtains and wash them

3. Clean windows

4. Clean drains

5. Knock out carpets, wash them or give them a thorough cleaning – depending on their size and condition

6. Dusting – even the surfaces and corners that cannot be seen

If you are particularly thorough and want to go the extra mile you can also follow these points: 

Clean roller shutters and window frames inside and out with water and a bio all-purpose cleaner

Vent the radiator

Clear out the basement/attic 

Remove the lampshades and, depending on the material, wipe them or clean them in the dishwasher

Defrost the freezer and clean it thoroughly. 

spring cleaning task people usually forget

Major cleaning in spring: everything will be clean!

Since the major spring cleaning project has only just begun, the motivation of some can hardly be stopped. You should use this vigor to really clean all corners and places that you leave out in the usual cleaning routine. Some of them are easy to miss because they are so hidden. That’s why we’ve put together a spring cleaning checklist for:

Do you also have these tasks on the spring cleaning checklist?

Clean roller shutters and window frames inside and out with water and a bio all-purpose cleaner

Clean the radiator and ventilate it if necessary.

Dust the lampshades inside and above with a damp cloth – don’t forget the cable!

Dust the top of cabinets

Don’t just vacuum carpets, they need deep cleaning

Defrost the refrigerator and freezer and wipe them thoroughly

Descale all taps and the showerhead.

Run the washing machine and dishwasher cleaning programs.

If you want to get a clean result as quickly as possible, you should proceed systematically with the spring cleaning. The following sequence is very promising. 

In which order should I clean?

First, the windows are on, then the dusting

Firstly, start with the frames and then move on to the glass part of the window. Once these are dry, you can start cleaning the window panes. Lukewarm water with a little washing-up liquid is sufficient for this. Hello, sunlight! You will notice that after cleaning some drops of dirty water have dropped near your window. Take care of that and you are already with the windows. 

Next – dusting! 

Less dusty surfaces can quickly be made sparkling clean with a damp cloth. Make your life easier and tackle the surfaces where dust has accumulated with a thicker layer and vacuum or remove with a microfiber cloth. A damp cleaning rag is then used here as well. In order to protect the airways and to avoid violent sneezing while cleaning use a self-sewn face mask. Here is where the masks we are wearing prove useful. 

Bring the living room and bedroom up to scratch

Upholstery such as the sofa and armchairs should be vacuumed thoroughly and the pillowcases washed in the washing machine. It is important to check the label on the back of your sofa to make sure that you are using the right cleaning product and you won’t damage the fabric. Some upholstery can be cleaned with a water-based solution but for others, that is a no, no!  

Mattress cleaning 

For the bed, remember you have to complete a full mattress cleaning and remove dust from the frame as well. Flipping or rotating your mattress can significantly increase its lifespan. Many people don’t know it or forget it but it’s important.  This means that it does not wear out unilaterally – this extends its service life. All you need is a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, water, hydrogen peroxide, a clean towel, a scrub brush, and a little motivation. 

Warming blankets and duvet covers for the cold season can now be exchanged for summer versions. Before doing this, however, they should be properly shaken out and ventilated. Pollen allergy should consider doing this earlier before everything starts blooming because when you take your blankets outside pollen could get stuck in them.

Vacuum thoroughly and wipe the floors with a damp cloth

The next step is cleaning carpets and floors. Although the carpets are vacuumed during regular house cleaning, stubborn dirt particles still get stuck in the fibers. To remove these during spring cleaning, you can spread baking powder or environmentally friendly organic powder detergent on the carpet – leave it to work and then vacuum it up again after a few hours.

With wooden floors, it is important not to wipe with a wet cloth. Too much water damages the wood in the long run and causes unevenness in the floor. Incidentally, unsightly scratches can easily be evened out with a walnut: Rub the core of the walnut over the scratch with a little pressure. The smallest pieces of the nut loosen and fill the scratch again. The trick can also be used on wooden furniture.

For a really thorough spring cleaning, smaller pieces of furniture such as chests of drawers or standing shelves should also be moved so that they can also be cleaned behind and under them. Anyone who toyed with the idea of ​​redesigning the rooms now has the best opportunity to do so. Simply move the crazy furniture to another place and create a new feeling of space.

Since the kitchen and bathroom are often visited in the course of the cleaning operation to pour off dirty water, the floors are left out here first and come last at the end.

Cleaning the kitchen – from top to bottom and from back to front

When cleaning the kitchen, cupboards, and drawers are tackled first: everything is cleared out, the areas that are now free are wiped with a damp cloth. You work your way from top to bottom and from back to front. After a thorough inspection of the supplies, they have been put away again according to the pharmacist’s principle: non-perishable food, as well as those with a long shelf life, can be found in the back of the cupboard. Supplies that need to be used up in a timely manner are in the front rows.

The same procedure is recommended for the refrigerator. It should be defrosted and hygienically cleaned with a homemade vinegar cleaner, for example. This is not only better for storing our food, but also saves energy. The more ice that forms on the back wall of the refrigerator, the more electricity it consumes. Likewise, the freezer compartment or the freezer: Here, too, it is worth defrosting the ice, cleaning everything, checking the shelf life of the food, and then putting it back systematically.

Splashes of fat on the tiles can be wonderfully removed with washing soda. An old toothbrush is also suitable for removing dirt in the grout. The stove and oven can be cleaned with baking soda and baking soda.

Turn the bathroom back into a wellness oasis

In the bathroom, too, everything starts with wiping the cupboards with a damp cloth. Some cosmetics also have a shelf life limit. Before the cans, pots, and tubes are back in their place in the bathroom cabinet, they should be checked.

In order to clean the mirror without leaving streaks, a microfiber or cotton cloth and water, which is immediately removed again, are usually sufficient. Stubborn soiling, for example from make-up or toothpaste, can be tackled with a little washing-up liquid in the water or even with a little alcohol. Glass cleaners and even vinegar or citric acid are not suitable for mirrors, as they permanently attack the silver coating. This creates rusty stains – mostly on the edge of the mirror – and makes the mirror unusable.

The washbasin, shower, and bathtub as well as the toilet are cleaned with ecological bathroom and toilet cleaners based on vinegar or lemon; stubborn limescale can be removed with vinegar or citric acid. A liter of boiling water often helps to clear the drains again. However, if hair, soap residue, and other dirt have gotten stuck in the drain, you need a little more: baking soda and vinegar react together in the pipe and thus remove dirt. First, pour 4 tablespoons of baking powder down the drain and then pour half a cup of vinegar directly afterward. If the bubbling noises in the pipe have stopped, pour a liter of boiling water afterward. If that doesn’t help either, you have to act mechanically. Blockages are loosened with a plunger or a spiral pipe. 

Conclusion: spring cleaning made easy

The big cleaning up in spring dates back to the time when apartments were heavily soiled with soot from heating in winter. When it got warmer outside, the early Monks started cleaning thoroughly. In addition, spring is generally considered to be the time of a new beginning, in which cleaning your own four walls is ideal. 

In contrast to the usual household routine, spring cleaning gets down to the nitty-gritty – even neglected corners now get a new shine. So that nothing is forgotten, it is helpful to create and work through a spring cleaning checklist at the beginning.

So that you don’t get in your own way or do twice the amount of work, you have to proceed systematically when cleaning: From top to bottom, from back to front and the bathroom and kitchen should be cleaned last. Because they are entered and used again and again while cleaning the other rooms so that new dirt would quickly accumulate there again.

If all the rooms are sparkling clean again, the new order can be enjoyed and one or the other can perhaps admit to themselves: cleaning is fun when you are motivated, systematically, and with your own favorite playlist! 

If you don’t feel like cleaning the entire apartment all on your own, ask people to help you out. Get your kids or your significant other to join you. After all, you didn’t make your home dirty all on your own. 

In case you are dealing with super stubborn stains or unsalvageable upholstery cushions don’t hesitate to contact professional cleaners to help you with the items in the house that ask for more of your time like the carpet, sofa, or mattress. Clean Expert is a professional cleaning company in London that can assist any day of the week. If you are not happy with our results, we are very proud of our money-back policy. So go ahead and get a quote if you need assistance during the spring cleaning. Don’t forget to leave a review and share your experience with us.

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