How to keep your curtains clean?

How to keep your curtains clean?

curtains cleaning serviceWe hang curtains on the windows, like a final touch of the decoration, so that the windows do not look “naked” and to prevent too much sunlight going into the room. We spend quite a lot of time to choose them and when we finally decide to buy them, they need to perfectly match the rest of the furniture and decoration. And this is the responsibility that we are willing to take for our curtains – they are hanged with a certain aim, we are happy with our choice and that’s it. Of course we clean them when it is time for the spring cleaning. But is it good enough? Actually, it is not at all.

There are no curtains (no matter what kind of matter they are made of) that will not absorb dust and different types of smells. If you do not believe this, just come closer to your curtains and you will feel it. You will for sure smell the scent of the meal that you cooked yesterday, there is also the smell of cigarettes (if you are a smoker). And what you see down there on the curtain is the hair of your pet. Talking about the dust that is absorbed inside the curtains is no need to be a subject of this conversation at all…

So, curtains  are really beautiful accessories for sure, but they are definitely not very hygienic. And it is our responsibility to take care of their sanitation. For keeping them clean, you need to pay them proper attention at least one time every two weeks, and washing them should be at least one time per year.

So get down to work and start with cleaning the curtains. But how exactly would you do that? Well, CleanExpert will not wonder how to do it. We will remove dust first with the help of vacuum. No matter how thick dust layer could be, we will remove every trace, because the device that we are using is really powerful, it is a type of device like vacuum cleaner. After that we go on with the detailed cleaning with the help of a soft sponge and a special eco curtains cleaning product. So, this is how we do it. Quite simple, right? And fast. And it is an excellent result at the end. But let`s not brag anymore, because you may think that everything is just an advertisement. But if you decide that cleaning the curtains is not a job for you, then you can contact us and you will get full and detailed answers to your questions, as well as an offer free of charge. After we visit you, you will know from a first hand that CleanExpert team is a real professional in the area and we are positive that you will call us again. But now we should talk about something else, and namely how you can sanitize your curtains.

We start from difficult to easier, so the first thing that we are going to do is give some guidance about washing such type of textile. As we all know, washing can be done with the help of a machine or by hand. The first way looks simple and is preferred most of the times, because you do not need to wet your hands. But there is one detail you should know – washing into the washing machine is not always good for every type of textile. It is acceptable in the cases when you want to wash something made of linen, cotton, wool, as well as some types of artificial fibers. The easiest way to find out if you are risking destroying your curtains is by making a small experiment. Wet a small piece of the curtain with plenty of water. If the fiber does not soak most of the water, then you can put it into the washing machine. BUT! You should be careful even then. Wash it on a short program, at low degrees, so that you avoid shrinking and bleaching.

We recommend you to wash by hand delicate curtains, those made of silk and lace, or chiffon. You do not want to get something that looks like curtain after the centrifuge. Such a risk is not well measured and it is not worth the little time that you will save if using the washing machine. And after all, it is not so difficult to wash them by hand. Just bet more on the washing products and scrubbing and you will ease your work. When we mentioned the products we meant that there is no need to buy expensive and special products. You can even make a better one from an ordinary washing product, just add some vinegar to it. At white fibers you can use baking soda, but only if they are completely white, because soda has a bleaching effect.

If you have one of those thick and puffy curtains at you home that make the interior look so comfortable, but they are so heavy and you are reading the article now, thinking that there is nothing that can help you here, just have a little patience. We have also thought of you, too. Using the washing machine is a bit risky in this case, and washing them by hand is almost impossible, but you have a variant – cleaning them with vapour. All you need for the purpose is just one ordinary, universal steam cleaner. It is important to mention that for achieving optimal results you should sanitize the curtains with up-to-down movements. And you should be careful that the host is not very close to the curtain so that you do not wet the cloth without any need. Even if the nozzle is 20-30 cm away from the curtains, it will still do a great job.

Well, we are done with wet activities, not it is time for drying. There are some refinements here, too. The best way for drying any type of curtains is by hanging them back on their places. In such a way they fall down in a natural way, they take the right position, and the weight from the moisture will straighten up the excessive folds. Well, if you have water that flows down from the curtain your will of course hang it in the open so that the water strains off and when the curtain gets damp you can hang it on the rails. In such a way you will avoid the need of ironing and you should welcome any advice that spares you additional activities.

As we already said, it is enough to do the washing and ironing the curtains at least once a year. But this is in case if you have taken care of the proper cleaning of the curtains during the rest of the year. What exactly do we mean? We will explain this to you.

The first advice that will considerably reduce your work is to ventilate the room long and often enough. In such a way you prevent the accumulation of different smells into the cloths and fibers, and you avoid frequent washing respectively.

Vacuum cleaner can do a good job for vacuuming dust from the carpet, but not from the curtains. Remind this to you 3-4 times per month and you will avoid accumulation of dirt.

At washing, no matter if you do it with a machine or by hand, you should use a softener. Not only because of the pleasant odour but also to take advantage of the antistatic action.

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