Why Do You Need Regular Mattress Cleaning?

regular mattress cleaning

Why Do You Need Regular Mattress Cleaning?

regular mattress cleaningWe rarely think how much time we actually spent in bed. According to the researches and studies it is about one third of a person’s life that is spent sleeping or at least lying down. That is not a little time, isn’t it! Now think about the consequences that there could be if the hygiene of the bed, and in particular the mattress, is not maintained in perfect condition. The regular mattress cleaning is a prerequisite for the long-term storage and usage of the soft part of the bed.

Unfortunately, the sanitation of your bed does not end up with just changing the sheets, no matter how often you do it. Your mattress needs much more care. And of course, the team of Clean Expert, as professionals in mattress cleaning, we are aware of all the peculiarities about this procedure and we will be happy to share them with you

dust on mattressAnd we are sure that you have already guessed what the first step is. This is of course, removing the dust. No, not beating the dust out of your mattress, this is not a carpet (this is hard to be done even with a carpet). Take the vacuum cleaner out, put the attachment for furniture, and switch it on at a maximum power, then have some patience.

So in the end, how clean your mattress will be depends entirely on you, so you should not just skim through it. Let the vacuum cleaner collect as much dust as possible. The thickness of the dust layer and the time for removing it, depend on the frequency of doing this procedure. The best results can be achieved when you use the vacuum cleaner on the mattress every time when you change the sheets.

So you have definitely done a good job with removing the dust, but you are not ready yet. It is time to clean the stains. There isn’t a variant when you do not have stains. We all like eating and drinking in bed from time to time, so it is inevitable to have a stain somewhere. And if you have a pet, for sure you had a situation when it ‘did its job’ on the bed. So there are a lot of options and prerequisites to have stains on your mattress.

A very important condition for removing the stain properly is to start cleaning it immediately, at the moment when we have spilled something, we should not wait for doing it ‘later’ or ‘another time’. Then it will be more difficult to clean it, sometimes even not possible, not to mention how much effort you have to put if you do it later.

mattress stainThe information that could be really useful for you when removing the stains is the following – the mattresses and the upholstery for the furniture are made in a similar way. Therefore you can use and apply all the clever tricks that you know for cleaning the stains on upholstery. Of course, the best variant is to seek for professional upholstery cleaning services and your mattresses will be perfectly cleaned, so ANOTHER is here to help you and guarantee you that all the stains will be removed completely. Mites and other microorganisms will be eliminated, and you will have mattresses with fresh scent. So, it is a fact that professional cleaning has lots of benefits and when you decide to use such type of services for cleaning your mattresses, you will see from a first hand how good our team is.

But let’s not vary so much from the main subject and continue reviewing the variants for cleaning and maintaining the mattress alone, without the help of professionals. Let’s summarize what we have done so far. We have vacuumed the dust and removed the stains. The most logical thing that is left to be done is to prevent the mattress from getting dirty again. We can use protective film for instance (waterproof protector) or scotchgard. Such preservation has several benefits. One of them is that the protector can be easily put and taken off, which respectively means that is easy to be frequently washed. It appears in practice that dirt can not reach the mattress, and this is excellent! Another plus of the effective cover is how comfortably the sheets can be placed, and even more – they will not roll every time when we go to bed.

But despite the good work that the protector does, this does not mean that you will not wash the mattress. For achieving the ideal mattress cleanness, you need to go through this ‘wet’ experience at least twice a year, or every 6 months. And before you ask – no, the vacuum cleaner is not enough. The main purpose of washing the mattress is eliminating the mites and the microbes, which will stay undisturbed if you are only counting on the vacuum cleaner. Yes, eliminating the microorganisms does not concern directly the cleanness of the mattress, but these little bugs are mainly related to us and our own health. So all of them – mites and bed-bugs, carry innumerable diseases. And they hide other risks – occurrence of allergic reactions, asthma, etc.

It seems that you have already convinced yourselves how important regular mattress cleaning is and now you are more willing to do it. But before you start, you just need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Make sure that you have removed dust well before you wet the fibers. Otherwise the dirt sticks and goes even deeper.
  • Use the most harmless products because the mattress is thick and it is not easy to wash them out. In case that part of the chemical product remains in the matter, it should not harm your health. But it would be ideally if you use eco products.
  • Make sure to provide suitable conditions for drying the mattress, and it would be great if it gets dry quickly. Do not return it back in bed if you have any doubts that it is not completely dry yet. Even the slightest sign of humidity is a prerequisite for developing mold, which can be dangerous not only to the fibers, but to your health. And as a whole, the entire exercise with washing it would be in vain, because you will need to repeat it.
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