Summer Home Cleaning Tips


Although most of you probably consider spring to be the season of thorough house cleaning, that doesn’t mean that you can forget about your household chores when summer comes around. The warm weather combined with the humidity can cause real issues in your home unless you properly take care of it. 

To help you out we’ve created this article with useful cleaning tips to get you through the summer months of the year.

Useful cleaning tips for summer

Prevent mould growth

Mould is always a concern for any homeowner, however the warm and humid weather makes it an even bigger problem during the summer months. Some of the areas that will require some extra attention are your bathroom and washing machine. A simple trick to keeping mould away from your laundry is to leave the washing machine door open when you’re not using it. This makes sure that the machine dries off quicker and lowers the humidity levels. 

In order to take care of your shower, you can occasionally give it a quick scrub while you’re showering with a sponge and a squeegee. It’s also advisable to clean your toilet bowl daily with a brush. Another important area that will require your attention is the mirror in your shower/bathroom. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe it in order to avoid streaks or any lint sticking to it. 

Clean your windows and curtains

Window cleaning can be a real hassle, but there’s no better time for it than summer! Not only is it easier to do when it’s warm outside, but it’s also good for letting the extra light inside your home. 

As far as cleaning your windows goes, if you don’t have proper washing liquid, just prepare some at home. All you have to do is mix ¼ of a cup of vinegar with half a cup of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Apply it evenly on your windows and clean it up using the “S” technique.

A good way to take care of the dust on your curtains is to throw them into the dryer for about 10 minutes and leave them in the sun for a while to kill off any odours. If you’re struggling with any hard to remove stains, then it might be time to consider professional curtain cleaning

Clean out your fridge

It’s good to regularly clean out your fridge regardless of the season, but getting it ready for fresh summer produce and barbecue leftovers is always a good idea. Start by taking out all of the food and throwing out anything that’s passed its expiration date. Follow that up by taking a sponge and wiping out every section and shelf of the fridge with some soapy water.

Any shelves and drawers that are removable can be thrown into the sink and washed there to make the process easier. 

Тake care of your patio and outdoor furniture

Patios are the perfect place to spend those long summer nights with family and friends while preparing some food on the grill and relaxing. In order to get them ready you should organise a proper thorough cleaning. Fill up a spray bottle with a bleach and water mixture and spray it on the walls to get rid of any moss and lichen that might have grown since last summer. Follow that up by raking your patio to get rid of any leaves and left over thrash.

Last but certainly not least, make sure to spruce up your outdoor furniture. Start by giving it a good rinse with your garden house and then gently scrub it down with a soft cloth and a cleaning product, depending on the material of your furniture. If you’re struggling to properly clean them, you can always call professional upholstery cleaners to get the job done for you.

Clean out the garage

With all of the patio furniture and grills being taken out during summer, your garage will suddenly feel a lot emptier and might need some cleaning of its own. Use this opportunity to throw out any unnecessary tools or items that you simply don’t use anymore. Wash the windows, give the shelves and floors a good sweeping and just like that your garage will look fresh and clean for the summer months.