The best way to clean curtains

March 4, 2021

Are you noticing that lately, your curtains are looking dirty, pale, and losing their colour? Curtains are a great way to create a cosy and more homey atmosphere in your flat. Тhey are not only hanging there to beautify your home but curtains are really useful too. They protect our skin from the aggressive sunlight and let’s be honest nobody wants to wake up because of direct bright light. Curtains are the smart and intelligent way to tell your neighbours that what you are doing is none of their business. More privacy and fewer bugs, that is why we buy curtains!  We use them every day but most people forget that their curtains require regular cleaning. They easily gather dust and dirt coming from our open windows, that is why we will reveal the best ways to clean curtains and share 10 super helpful cleaning tips with you. 

The key to curtain maintenance is regular cleaning and washing. This way, the stains won’t get stuck in the fabric and the curtains will have the beautiful natural colour you want them to. Your curtains won’t get pale if you clean them regularly with good products. In this article, we will explain in 5 easy to follow steps how to clean your curtains like a professional. 

curtains cleaning tips for eeryone

Vacuum the curtains

First, you should begin by getting rid of the dust from your curtains. Dust will accumulate over time but if you start vacuuming your curtains regularly you will save them for many years. 

Be careful with your vacuuming when cleaning curtains! We don’t want to harm our curtains. It is very important to use your upholstery attachment when you vacuum them. (the small one with the soft brush). This a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when cleaning upholstery, carpets or rugs as well. 

Close your curtains fully then gently vacuum them. Start from the top to the lower parts and pay special attention to the edges because this is the dusts’ favourite place. To make vacuuming easier you can unhang your curtains and place them flat on your bed or on the ground. This way you don’t have to jump up and down and your hands won’t get tired from holding the vacuum cleaner.

Washing your curtains like  a pro

Many people ask the question: Should curtains be washed or dry cleaned? Оr Can I wet wash my curtains? This is a good question but sadly there is no universal answer. The curtains’ washability depends on their fabric. Some fabrics such as brocade, wool, or silk, are not suitable for a wet machine wash as the fabric is likely to shrink. You can always check the label on your curtain and it should be marked if they are washable. If you are not sure how exactly to clean curtains you can always ask Google. He knows everything! 

So if you found out that your curtains are washable, start by removing the hooks and weights. After that, rinse them with cold water and place them in the washing machine. 

If the manufacturer’s instructions permit, place it in the washing machine and follow the cycle guidelines. 

If you decide to hand wash your curtains, prepare a large bowl of warm water, dissolve the powder, and swirl your curtains in the water. Rinse well, squeeze out the excess water and hang to dry.

how to clean curtains with vacuum


When you are all prepared, start your cleaning adventure. (Additional tip is to play your favourite song while cleaning to cheer you up). We will start by vacuuming the sofa to remove any dirt or dust from the surface of the leather sofa. We recommend using the soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to avoid hurting the material. 

When you vacuum remember not to use an aggressive pressure on the leather because you can destroy the material and the quality of your furniture. We recommend vacuuming your couch every couple of weeks. That way you will regularly clean away dust and it won’t gather in the small areas of the furniture.

Iron the curtains 

Iron the curtains when they are still slightly moist, as this will make it easier to remove creases. We recommend using a low heat setting on your iron. Be very careful not to burn them. And before any ironing always check the label if the material allows ironing! Every detail of the curtains cleaning process is important, especially if you are dealing with a delicate fabric. Also, we recommend using a steam iron. If you use a regular steam iron, make sure you have one that’s 1400 watts and can produce steam while held vertically. The ironing board won’t fit the whole curtain that is why you can place them on your bed to make things easier. If you iron them while hanging, iron your curtains on sections.

cleaning stains on your curtain

Iron the curtains when they are still slightly moist, as this will make it easier to remove creases. 

We recommend using a low heat setting on your iron. Be very careful not to burn them.

Make a Homemade Curtain Cleaner

If you don’t want to use supermarket products there is a DIY variant of homemade curtain cleaning solution. Store products contain a lot of chemicals that can irritate your skin and air. If you want to have a more natural and clean solution making it on your own is the best option. This will ensure that your cleaner is safe and free from toxic chemicals. Another advantage of making DIY cleaning products is that it’s cheaper and you will save money. 

For your own solution combine water, liquid soap, and white vinegar in a bottle and shake until perfectly mixed. For easier application use a spray bottle and spray all over your curtains until they are damp.

Clean stains immediately 

It is really easy to spill something that will leave a stain on your curtains. Accidents like that are inevitable especially if you have kids. No matter if it’s wine, coffee or dirt, you should treat the stain immediately after it happens. This way you will be able to clean your curtains fast and easy. The stains get stuck harder when they dry out and they soak in the fabric. Use the DIY solution we taught you to make earlier in this article to get rid of the stain. Spray it on the spot, leave it for 5 minutes and after that wash it with a clean cloth. 

Splash! Wine spilt all over your living room! Don’t worry folks, we’ve got you covered. Even if your child decided to use your beautiful curtain for his canvas we can save the day. At Clean Expert we are prepared for any situation and will be glad to help you. Don’t hesitate to call us at 074 6722 2537 or get a quote for a professional curtain cleaning. 


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