Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Cleaning Company for Your Office

November 5, 2020

Choosing the right cleaning company to sanitize your office or commercial property can be a bit of a challenge due to the variety of choices in the industry. А high ranking cleaning company doesn’t necessarily guarantee top-quality services. Maintaining a clean and fresh work environment is essential for the health of your employees. Additionally, it is vital to the reputation of the company and the brand image. So when it comes to commercial cleaning, make the smart decision, and don’t rush it as you may end up disappointed. Most businesses hire cleaning companies for a variety of services but predominantly for commercial carpet cleaning, window cleaning, antiviral sanitization, or general sanitation of the office premises. That is why we are going to focus on those services in this article and we will give you our top 10 tips for choosing a professional cleaning company for your business. 


Before we continue we need to answer the question – Why is it important to regularly clean your office. 

Why Clean your Office Regularly? 

There are several reasons to at least try and maintain a cleaner environment but the most important one is the health of your employees. Dirt and bacteria-free office mean fewer sick-leaves, less absent people, and fewer expenses for your business. This will also help you maintain a good job satisfaction rate among your workers and therefore keep the retention stats at bay. 

Best 10 Tips to bear in mind when choosing Office Cleaning Services. 

 1. Choose Local Cleaners- For example, If you live in London, it just makes sense to go with a professional cleaning company near you. This means there should not be any trouble with punctuality or travel, and they will bе available if you need them urgently. Supporting businesses in your local area are quite rewarding as well. 

2. Certified Cleaning Technicians – Make sure that the professionals who will take care of your carpet, windows, chairs are NCCA certified technicians. NCCA accreditation is the leading standard for certification programs. It enhances trust in the certification to ensure the cleaners are currently competent and have acquired the proper knowledge to do their job in their field like a pro. 

3. Check Years of Experience of The Cleaning Company – Many years of experience in a particular field says a lot about a company’s history, knowledge, and status. If a cleaning company can keep up with the business demands for years, the team is probably excellent and knows how to handle different cleaning problems. Over time all companies build a reputation, so the more experience a company has the better. 

4. Go Green- Choose a cleaning company that uses eco-friendly products. Always ask if the detergents are hypoallergenic as well because you never know who amongst your employees has allergies to heavy chemicals. Show that you care about your workers, their health, and your business. 

5. Look through the reviews- Check the reviews that people have posted recently. If someone posted a review from 7 years ago that is not relevant. Check if the company has various review platforms. For instance, here at Clean Expert, we have many different channels for reviews like Trustpilot, CheckATrade, Google, and the reviews on our website.

Always ask if the detergents a cleaning company is using are hypoallergenic because you never know who amongst your employees has allergies to heavy chemicals. Show that you care about your workers, their health, and your business. 

6. Carefully Read Your Contract – THIS IS AN IMPORTANT REMARK! Sometimes with similar contracts, there are pitfalls that you can fall into. If you are not sure about a clause in the contract, consult with a lawyer. As a business owner, it is important to understand the clauses in the proposed contract. Make sure that each part of the contract is analyzed properly. Be aware of the contract duration. If you only want to hire a company for 3 months pay attention to this part of the contract as they may have stated that they are offering services for one year or even more. 

7. Book the Best Services- There are so many cleaning services that professional cleaners offer such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet stain & odor cleaning, and more. As we discussed, most businesses look for commercial carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or general cleaning of all the office premises. All cleaning companies specialize in different areas even though they offer a variety of solutions. If you are looking to have the carpet in your office cleaned look around for the best carpet cleaning professionals and take a look at the before & after cleaning results. The same thing applies to all other services. 

8. Proof of Insurance – Before hiring a commercial cleaner, ensure that the employees are covered with liability for accidents that may happen while workers are cleaning your office. Book a cleaning company that has its insurance as well so that you can be certain that you will not end up in a bad situation if a cleaner gets hurt while performing their duties.

9. Availability Check – You never know when you might need a cleaning company urgently, so if you decide to sign a long-term contract make sure the company can ensure 24/7 Availability.

10. Antiviral Cleaning – If your workers can’t work from home and they still have to come every day to their workplace, consider booking an antiviral cleaning service. In the current circumstances and the complicated, confusing times we live in, it is better to be safe than sorry. Act swiftly to safeguard your employees. Even if all of your employees are currently healthy consider sanitizing your commercial property to avoid accidents in the future or even shutting down workspaces. 

Here you have it – the complete checklist for choosing the perfect commercial cleaning company for your business. Trust only the best. If you are currently situated in London, for your convenience, the Clean Exper cleaning team covers all London areas plus 25 miles outside M25 North. Ask Londoners for feedback and you will surely choose from booking Clean Expert for your office needs. Reach out by requesting a quote or by calling one of the following numbers074 6722 2537 / 020 3713 7718. 

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