What is a carpet cleaning service?

What is a carpet cleaning service?

what is a carpet cleaningWhat is a carpet cleaning process? Despite all the efforts that you put to clean your home, your carpet can accidently become a subject of spills, drops, stains, and all kinds of dirt coming from your shoes.

Do not also forget that carpets accumulate a lot of dust, which leads to appearance of microscopic organism such as fungi and bacteria. If you allow these organisms to stay there for a longer period, they will start eating the fibers of the material and this will destroy your investments. They could also create one really unpleasant odour at your home and it is extremely unpleasant, especially when you have guests. That is why it is really necessary to clean the carpets at your home quite regularly.

You should not let the carpet get too dirty, because this will only lead to irreversible damage. There is a myth that says “cleaning the carpet before it is absolutely necessary – will make it get dirty faster”. Cleanness varies from once per six months up to once per two months, depending on the carpet usage, as well as it depends on other factors such as the presence of pet, children or if any of the family members has allergies.

If you decide to handle with the problem by changing the carpet every time when it gets too dirty this will cost you a lot. That is why many manufacturers recommend to make regular cleaning of the carpet and to use different ways for doing it. Although you can clean a stain by yourself if you do not have experience you risk destroying the carpet. That is why it is recommendable to hire a professional carpet cleaner for about a year. He will use his professional experience in order to choose the most appropriate solution for your case.

Why do you need carpet cleaning services?

The life of your carpet could be reduced if the wrong method is applied. That is why the presence of an expert is important. The way of defining the method is quite interesting – it consists of chemical analysis or fiber burning. Keep in mind that person without the proper experience can not deal with this.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

In general, the methods for cleaning the carpets fall in two basic categories: wet and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning includes extraction with hot water as well as cleaning with absorbent swab. The only negative side that this method has is that it is not in conformity with the environment.

The equipment that is uses is heavy, noisy, expensive, with high maintenance, burns a lot of fuel and it respectively emits hazardous gases. So you need to find a legal place where you can throw the chemically contaminated water.

On the other hand, a carpet cleaners performs dry cleaning with special machines – with opposite rolling brushes, swabs and cylinders, using chemical powders or foam. With the new modern systems and low moisture content, the carpets can be completely cleaned and dry for 30 minutes and less. The equipment is much lighter, cheaper, lighter in weight, less noisy and easier for using, transportation and storage.

The other methods for steam cleaning or as it is also called hot water extraction carpet cleaning with shampoo (Shampooing). The next 2 – cleaning with foam (Foaming), bonnet cleaning of carpets (Bonnet carpet cleaning).

Carpet Steam Cleaning

carpet steam cleaningThe most appropriate and effective method for people with allergies is cleaning with steam. This method uses fewer chemicals due to the high level of heat that it includes. When you apply this method you will be happy how fast the carpets get dry due to the excusive capacity of suction of the machines. This is also the only method that is classified as a “deep carpet cleaning” method.

The theory for shampooing is to absorb as much detergent as possible off the carpet. The next step is leaving it to get dry and the next step and after that you should extract this detergent  from the carpet with the help of a machine. Do not worry, the ingredients that these detergents contain do not cause sticky residue after drying. The shampoo has high lubricating properties, in order to prevent a possible damage of the carpet fibers.


This method is a hybrid of both, dry cleaning and shampooing. The main idea is to use as less water as possible, so that the carpet gets dry faster. This foam processes carpet fibers and it is extracted with dirt after that.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

bonnet carpet cleaningThis method is sometimes called dry carpet cleaning, which is a huge mistake, because it includes water. It is mainly used in office carpet cleaning. The main purpose here is to restore the appearance of the carpet. It also has a really limited ability for removing dirt. As a result, it is a fact that the carpet gets dirty faster.

Vacuum cleaning is a good decision for maintaining the carpet, by it should be done every day. It is extremely important to make a professional, deep cleaning of your carpet every 12 to 18 months. Just as every other process, the result does not depend only on the method. It’s also due to experience, knowledge, skills, professionalism, and technique.

You can be sure that your carpet is in the best hands when you call for carpet cleaning services. That is why it is a good decision to take advantage of the services of the right carpet cleaning company. These companies use approved and quality products, equipment and team of professionals.

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