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Are you noticing that lately, your curtains are looking dirty, pale, and losing their color? If so you are probably in a need of curtains or drapery cleaning service. Don’t worry because we are here to help. Our friendly staff is fully trained, equipped with the newest technology in the industry, NCCA certified, and is happy to provide you with post-care curtain cleaning tips. Clean Expert is a cleaning company with more than 25 years of experience in the cleaning business in London. If you are not certain how to clean your drapery, keep calm and call Clean Expert at 074 6722 2537 / 020 3713 7718 or book Quick&Easy with us through our contact form. We have a lot of experience with all types of curtain fabrics and we guarantee stain removal and no-shrinkage of curtains.

Various Types of Curtain Fabrics and How to Take Care of Them.

Curtains, drapery, and all types of hangings are an essential part of your domestic or commercial property. Even if you have the cleanest windows, the dirty curtains can spoil the entire setting. Cleaning curtains, however, is something many people dislike and put off for years since it is time-consuming. Additionally, an incorrect cleaning method could ruin your favorite curtain. That’s why the best choice you could possibly make is booking a professional curtain cleaning service, and Clean Expert is the perfect solution for that. There are numerous types of hangings such as curtains, pelmets, festoon blinds, Austrian blinds, lace curtains, voile nets & many more and they all require a different cleaning technique. Our team of professional technicians knows how to handle even the most delicate fabrics and will provide you with post-care tips. We guarantee to leave your drapery perfectly clean without ruining the material. 


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The process of our curtain cleaning in London involves the following steps:

  • Thorough inspections first
  • Re-vacuum dry soil removal
  • Specially treated sponges to remove soil
  • Post Spot removal
  • Post inspection

Sustain a Clean Curtain Condition

Once you have your curtains clean and fresh, it only makes sense to try to keep them that way as long as possible. The best way to do that is to apply stain protection. We work with the best products in the industry cleaning and in our experience, the best product you can apply is Scotchgard Protection. It will keep you drapery fresh and clean for the next 5-6 months. Ask our technicians if Scotchgard Protection is appropriate for the type of curtain fabric you have at home. They are happy to leave you with tips and advice on the matter. Our experience as a leading cleaning company has prepared us to advise on all curtain & drapery matters and answer all of your questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions? 

Do you have bacteria and viruses solution for mattresses?

Yes. The expert cleaning service of Clean Expert includes a cleaning technique in which our team removes 99,99% of all bacteria and germs. 

Can I choose the type of deodorizing?

Yes! Isn't that nice?! You can choose from a few different aromas so that you feel as best as possible in your bed after the treatment. 

Is this treatment safe for my home?

Yes, the products we use are child-safe, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic 

Do I need to prepare my home?

There are no special preparations necessary. Just please make sure that the technician will have space to clean the room that needs to be sanitised. 

Who will carry out the treatment?

Leave everything to our certified and trained technicians and relax in your home or work in piece in your office. 

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If you are in London and you need water removal services, Clean Expert is your choice of a company. We are a well-known cleaning company, working 24/7 and ready to deal with any kind of water havoc.

To book us, just call us at 020 3713 7718 or 074 6722 2537 or fill in your details online and we will handle the rest. For any questions, you can also write to us on our email

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fleur clackson
fleur clackson
10:33 18 Sep 19
I’ve used this firm about 5 times in locations in north and south london. They are extremely efficient and effective.... They never fail to respond and book in promptly. Without any fuss they arrive and do a great job. And the price is reasonable too. It’s so great to find such good service I thought I’d better more
Sarah Drake
Sarah Drake
14:19 21 Jun 19
Kosta came to my house and he did an incredible job, first with the cleaning of my armchair, the chair is very old ao... it was very dirty, he did a very good job.And he did a scotchgard protection on my sofas, so far I'm very happy with his work and with the care, he is very polite a gentleman. Since the first contact with clean expert by email until the job done, I'm so far very more
Kinga Slaby
Kinga Slaby
17:40 04 Jun 19
Great service, would recommend!
Vanq Mavrodieva
Vanq Mavrodieva
06:21 23 May 19
I had a really big pleasure to work whit Clean Expert.Costas come on time and he is very polite and professional. I... book Clean Expert for my boss house and she have two little grumpy dogs and Costas did a really great job.I highly recommend.Thank you so much George and more
dipesh jethwa
dipesh jethwa
15:28 18 Mar 19
George and the team are excellent. I would highly recommend them.
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