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Emergencies happen, and quick reactions are essential, that’s why our team of experts is available 24/7.

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All of our cleaners are equipped with professional protective suits, protective eyewear, masks and gloves.

Fully Certified Staff

Our staff is fully trained and NCCA certified. Our equipment is the best possible on the market.

Card only payments

Since cash is known to be notoriously covered in germs, we ask you to avoid paying in cash and opt for credit card payments.

Upholstery Cleaning LONDON : PRICES


Upholstery Cleaning Service Standart Service Expert Service*
Two Seater Sofa 56 112
Three Seater Sofa 66 132
Four Seater Sofa 76 152
Five Seater Sofa 86 172
Armchair 36 72
Dining Chair Seat 18 36
Dining Chair Seat&Back 26 52
Car Upholstery 90 120
Short Pair Of Curtains 43 86
Long Pair Of Curtains 53 106
Blinds start from 28 56

Upholstery Cleaning Company in London

Keeping your upholstered furniture in perfect condition is not an easy task, and Clean Expert is here to help you. The contamination of fabric-covered furniture is something inevitable. Everything around us from pets to children can be a reason for dirt, dust, and germs. Maintaining your upholstered furniture clean is essential not only for the look of your room but for your health and the health of the people around you. Clean Expert can help you keep an attractive, fresh-smelling, and safe environment, offering you excellent upholstery cleaning services.

Upholstery Cleaning TECHNIQUES

The cleaning techniques we use at Clean Expert will prolong the life of your furniture and guarantee a healthy environment in your home or office. Dirty furniture can be the reason for many health problems and can also cause indoor air pollution. Germs, pollens, dust, food crumbs, stains, and blemishes must not be ignored, and you can be sure that Clean Expert will get rid of them all!

Our company works with the best cleaning equipment available on the market, and we are experts in stain removal, dust-mite removal, odour removal, and water staining. We have gathered a long list of clients that trust us with their regular carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, and of course, upholstery cleaning.

One cleaning method cannot possibly fit all furnishings since they come in different fabrics that have different characteristics. That’s why it is essential to choose an upholstery cleaning company with years of experience in the industry, and Clean Expert is just that!


About Clean Expert

Clean Expert is a company that works with the latest equipment and the best chemicals and cleaning products available. However, we also realise the importance of the staff, as those are the people who do all the work and are responsible for your belongings.

That’s why we only work with NCCA certified professionals who have vast knowledge and years of experience in the field of upholstery and carpet cleaning. Our name is well-known and established, and our upholstery cleaners in London are skillful, certified, and trained according to the latest cleaning trends and technologies.


Reasons Why You Should Choose Clean Expert

There are many things that make Clean Expert different from other upholstery cleaning companies in London:

  • Clean Expert is an Associate Member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association;
  • We have numerous cleaning certificates you can see on our page;
  • We are an established name in London, and we have a long list of happy clients;
  • We work with the newest and most efficient equipment on the market;
  • We use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning materials;
  • All of our cleaning technicians are professionals with years of experience in the industry;
  • Our team of experts is well-trained in using advanced cleaning technologies to remove all kinds of dirt, mud, stains, and allergens from your furniture;
  • We offer affordable services, and we do pretty much everything: floor cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, curtains cleaning, pillow and mattress cleaning, car upholstery cleaning, and of course fabric-covered furniture cleaning;
  • Our skillful employees know how to work with different fabrics and will advise you on which cleaning method you should book.

Book a Service Now!

You can take advantage of our upholstery cleaning services in London at any time! We work 24/7, and the moment you call us at 074 6722 2537 or 020 3713 7718, one of our employees will answer, and we’ll handle the rest. It does not matter if you want to clean your home or your commercial property, we are here to help you, offering everything from carpet and rug cleaning to upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration.

If you don’t have time to talk on the phone, you can fill in the booking form or write to us an email at [email protected].


What is the difference between foam and solvent cleaning?

Foam and Solvent are two different types of products, they are used when the type of fabric allows it. Foam and solvent are both left for a few minutes to take effect. Foam is removed from the furnishing with a special vacuum cleaner, while solvent technicians use specific distinct cleaning brushes to rub it.

What does leather upholstery cleaning include?

Leather upholstery cleaning includes:

  • Тhorough inspection of the item in order to determine its condition and how best to clean the upholstery you have in mind. 
  • Then the technician will move on to the test step. He will put a little non-visible patch of the leather (for example under the sitting cushion) to see exactly how the product works on the leather. 
  • The technician will then apply a foam leather cleaner all over the fabric. It will effectively absorb filthiness in minutes. 
  • Then the cleaning specialist will remove the foam mixture from the leather
  • He/She will use a mop at the final stage
  • When the Upholstery is perfectly clean the technician will apply rejuvenation products to keep the leather healthy and cleaner for longer. 


How often should I have my upholstery cleaned?

If you want to maintain a healthy home, your furniture should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. If you have children or pets, it is best to clean your furnishing even more often. Babies that are on the verge of starting to walk can try to go anywhere and use their hands for everything, so it is a good tip to keep your house as clean as possible during this time. 

Can you remove stains from the upholstery?

We remove stains from any type of fabric. The products we used have proven their top-quality. We have 25 years of experience in the industry. If we recommend using a product for your upholstery, there is probably no better detergent in the market. However, we can’t guarantee that every stain can be removed before one of our specialists sees it. Not to worry, the technicians at Clean Expert will never disappoint and will always give you proper advice on the case. 


How can I know if I have a synthetic or natural fabric?

Here are most of the synthetic and natural fabrics out there: 

COMMON SYNTHETIC FIBRES: Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Polypropylene, Rayon.

COMMON NATURAL FIBRES: Wool, Sisal, Jute, Cotton, Coir, Velvet, Bamboo.

Check the label of your property if you are not sure what type of fabric you own. 

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fleur clackson
fleur clackson
10:33 18 Sep 19
I’ve used this firm about 5 times in locations in north and south london. They are extremely efficient and effective.... They never fail to respond and book in promptly. Without any fuss they arrive and do a great job. And the price is reasonable too. It’s so great to find such good service I thought I’d better more
Sarah Drake
Sarah Drake
14:19 21 Jun 19
Kosta came to my house and he did an incredible job, first with the cleaning of my armchair, the chair is very old ao... it was very dirty, he did a very good job.And he did a scotchgard protection on my sofas, so far I'm very happy with his work and with the care, he is very polite a gentleman. Since the first contact with clean expert by email until the job done, I'm so far very more
Kinga Slaby
Kinga Slaby
17:40 04 Jun 19
Great service, would recommend!
Vanq Mavrodieva
Vanq Mavrodieva
06:21 23 May 19
I had a really big pleasure to work whit Clean Expert.Costas come on time and he is very polite and professional. I... book Clean Expert for my boss house and she have two little grumpy dogs and Costas did a really great job.I highly recommend.Thank you so much George and more
dipesh jethwa
dipesh jethwa
15:28 18 Mar 19
George and the team are excellent. I would highly recommend them.
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