How to clean your mattress in 8 easy steps?

How to clean your mattress in 8 easy steps?

How to clean your mattress in 8 easy steps?

October 19, 2020

Yes, we all postpone cleaning our mattresses but at some point, we have to realize the importance of cleaning it. Sleeping in a dirty bed can create potential health issues because of the amount of dust, dirt, and bacteria that goes deep into your bed. In this article, we have described techniques to clean your mattress at home in 8 easy steps. All you need is a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, water, hydrogen peroxide, a clean towel, a scrub brush, and a little motivation. Let’s dive in:

Step 1:

Begin by stripping your bed from all sheets, pillowcases, and decorations. Throw all of them into the washing machine and they will be clean by the time you clean your mattress.

Step 2:

Get your vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming your mattress. Be sure to use an upholstery attachment because you do not want to ruin the fabric. When you are ready with that grab a scrub brush. It will help you remove additional dust from the mattress. 

Step 3:

Apply baking soda all over the mattress. Be generous with it. Baking soda is perfect for some upholstery cleaning including your mattress and removes bad odor. Let the baking soda stay on your mattress for at least 15 minutes. But if you have other stuff to do, don’t worry, it is okay to leave it a little more than required. 

Step 4:

Let’s go back to the vacuum cleaner. You need to remove all of the baking soda from your mattress. Use the scrub brush as well after the vacuum cleaner. 

Step 5:

In a small empty bottle add water and mix it with a few drops of dish soap. Make sure that the dish soap is transparent because you do not want to leave another color on your mattress. Shake your homemade cleaning mixture and spray it on the mattress. If you see any stains, you can add an additional amount of the mixture onto the spot or stain. Spray the mixture evenly to avoid disproportional cleaning results.

Step 6:

Another mixture is coming. The good thing about this is that you can later use your homemade cleaning products for other stuff in the house as well. So, grab another spray bottle and add half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Shake the bottle before using it on the mattress. Then spray evenly and let it sit for another 15 minutes. 

Step 7:

Get back to your baking soda and sprinkle it well all over the mattress. Then grab a clean, white towel and gently massage it into the mattress.  

Step 8:

Let the mixture dry overnight and then vacuum the entire mattress again.

Cleaning your mattress is very important because you breathe in the dust and dirt around you while you are sleeping.

There are potential health issues that can occur if you avoid taking proper care. It might seem like a lot of work considering that you also may want to flip your mattress and follow the same 8 steps on the other side as well.

If you don’t want to spend all of this time cleaning your mattress alone,  you can always book a professional mattress cleaning company like Clean Expert that will get the job done. Undoubtedly, it saves you a lot of time and you will be sure that it has been cleaned the proper way.


We will come back with more helpful advice on how to clean your rug next week. Our main goal is to share our knowledge with you so you can all maintain a happy and healthy home.

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